Confirmed Instructors
that will teach Zumba® on board

– ZJ Paula Mendes
– ZJ Tania Ginard (Zumba®Twinz)
– Alicia Ginard (Zumba®Twinz)
– Vanessa Deomic
– Sachin Sharma (Bollyfit)
– Sergio Molina
– Linda Chebbi
– Rodrigo Garrido
– Wallace Da Silva
– Maria Delgado
– Rocio Anturi

International Guests
that will teach Zumba® on board

– Jose Canossa (POR)

More instructors coming soon!
Several of the confirmed instructors will be part of the Zumba® “Marathon”.


Jose has been passionate about dancing for over 17 years and has been a fitness professor for more than a decade. His journey began with Latin American dances, and since then, he has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the art of dance. Salsa holds a special place in his heart; it is not just a dance form for him, but a profound passion.

For the past two years, he has also been sharing his enthusiasm for dance as a Zumba instructor. His dedication and hard work were evident when he successfully led an open Zumba class attended by a staggering 2042 people. This achievement stands as his personal record and a source of immense pride. It was not just a remarkable feat for him, but also a historic event as it marked the largest Zumba class ever held in Portugal.

Now, filled with excitement, he looks forward to participating in this fantastic event, ready to share his passion and expertise with fellow enthusiasts.

The Zumba®Twinz – Tania & Alicia are two twins who became two of the
first Zumba® instructors in Sweden already in 2009.
Together they started their own company
T.A. Hälsa in 2010
and has been working with Zumba®fitness on full time.
Today they work as freelancers all over the world with Zumba®Fitness.
With their unique way of combining their spirit and energy they really deliver
to the max on every Master Class.
They have been background dancers to international superstars like Pitbull and the founder of Zumba®, Beto Perez. They are also part of several Zumba® DVDs
Tania is one of the first Zumba®Jammers in Sweden!

Paula lives in Gothenburg and is mainly a “Brazilian Dancer” who can make anyone shake their butt.
She is a Zumba®Jammer, Aerobics Instructor, Dance teacher and Sh’bam Instructor.

She is one of Sweden’s first Zumba®Jammers.

“Dance is an important part of my life. It’s the energy of my body and the happiness of my soul. It’s the power of my heart that spread out my passion. It’s the universal language that doesn’t need translation. Dance with passion is the secret of the best dancers!”

Vanessa from Kalmar has been a Zumba instructor since 2020. Beyond the traditional Latin rhythms, she has a deep love for hiphop, afrobeats, and Balkan songs. Vanessa enjoys bringing joy and igniting that spark in every individual. Most importantly, she ensures that all participants feel comfortable being themselves and truly relish the moment during the workout.

SACHIN SHARMA – Energetic Bollywood Dance Workshop
Join us for a lively cardio workshop featuring Bollywood beats, where we’ll infuse musicality and sensation into our movements.

Discover the art of staying fit with the vibrant rhythms, melodies, and expressive movements of Bollywood dance, taking your dance experience to new heights!

No prior experience in Bollywood dance is necessary; the focus is on having fun and engaging every muscle in your body to promote fitness. Let’s dance our way to a healthier, happier you!

I was born in Colombia, have been a Zumba Fitness instructor since May 2011 and work at Stockholm Salsa Dance.
My source of inspiration is music because it gives me joy. On my workouts you can expect dance joy with a lot of energy. I love to have fun and sweaty workouts and work a lot with different Latin American foundations and musicality.

I am a trained and certified Zumba and Les Mills Body Jam instructor
and holds classes every week at several different gyms in the Stockholm area.
This has been my main occupation for several years now.
As a person, I am very peppery and enthusiastic,
I really love meeting people and passionate about making people feel good
and discover the power of dance.
Dance is the language of the soul, a pure energy and force that is translated into movement and joy. I love to see that joy in my participants
and it does not matter if you “can” dance or not, it’s just dancing and letting the body speak.
A “good” dancer is “good” because of his passion for music and dance.
Passion is both visible and felt. It’s great to see when the participants let go
and everyone gets in touch via this universal language!
People sometimes ask why I chose to become a dancer, but it was not a choice I made.
Life chose it for me because it is simply me. It is power, feeling and joy. It’s to be yourself! I live my truth, I express my love and I share my enthusiasm!

Originally from Kenya and living in Karlstad in Värmland, I have been doing Zumba for 5 years! Teach Zumba fitness at STC gym and love Zumba and it is noticeable that in addition to the 4 Zumba basic styles you will find world rhythms Arfobeats when you visit my classes!

I am a Cuban show dancer based in Stockholm since 2011.
I took my ZIN license in November 2013 and has been working with Zumba® since then. I love Salsa, Rumba, Samba and Afro.
Like a show dancer i love to mix all these rhythms and with show style. With the help of my dance experience and all the Cuban energy and passion for the dance that I got from my roots, I bring lots of pure spirit to my class.

ZIN ™ since 2013
Own Zumba business in Enköping.
Danced all life including Streetdance, Reggaeton, Salsa, former dance instructor.
Instruct and inspire to take in a little extra and dare to challenge yourself in everything you do.

Wallace was born and raised in Brazil where he was a soccer professional. In 2001 he moved to Sweden and 5 years ago he decided to quit football and bet on Zumba® instead.
Today he lives in Gävle and holds both Zumba®fitness, toning, sentao and gold and organizes Zumba events in Gävle. Wallace has had Zumba in Brazil, Norway and around Sweden as well as previous Fitness Cruises.