Terms and Conditions

1. Processing of personal data according to GDPR
In order to be able to administer the participant’s registration, we receive and store information about the name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. and what course or activity the participant is registered for. The information is used in the customer register to send the participant information about current and upcoming event activities. No information is shared with third parties. The participant can always decline further information and request to be removed from the customer register.

2. Rights to participate in the Zumba activities on board.
Only passengers who have booked via the booking link on our website or passengers who have booked via telephone and stated code “Zumba” and been registered under this code are eligible to have a free class included in the ticket and participate in the Zumba program on board. Regular passengers or passengers who book their journey in a different way are not allowed to book workshops or otherwise participate in the Zumba activities on board.

3. Participants
All training in workshops or activities is done at your own risk. If you are under 18 years of age, written approval from the goalkeeper must be sent in good time before the trip. In addition, Tallink Silja requires minors to travel in the goalkeeper’s company.

4. Registration
Registration is binding. With the course registration, the participant receives a confirmation via email with a reminder of time, place, price and payment terms. It is the participant’s responsibility to provide the correct e-mail address so that we can contact the participant. Sometimes e-mail letters end up in the so-called. junk mail. We therefore urge the client to also look there. If an email confirmation has not been received by the customer within 5 minutes, the customer must immediately contact us at fitness@kryssning.se. Booked seats are stored for a maximum of 3 days, during this time the customer must have sent the payment for the reserved places. If the payment is not registered in time, all booked places for workshops or activities are automatically canceled.

5. Payment Terms
Payment is made to Ultranet via BG 5283-2730 or via Swish 1230385195 with the participant’s name and booking number as a reference. It is the participant’s responsibility to enter the correct reference number so that we can recognize the participant’s payment. Booked places are not guaranteed until the fee is paid and registered. Purchased clip cards, classes or tickets will not be redeemed. The buyer must transfer / sell his / her place to a third party.

6. Missed workshops or activities.
With the registration, the participant is promised the training sessions to which the registration relates. Should the participant miss one or more of his / her passports for personal reasons, the participant is offered no opportunity to recapture these. Missed classes cannot be transferred to upcoming events, but the offer only applies to the ongoing event.

7. Changes
We reserve the right to change the instructor, time and place for workshops or activities if necessary. At least 20 applicants are required for a workshop or activity to get rid of. If too few participants are registered, we reserve the right to cancel a workshop or activity and move the participants to another corresponding workshop or activity.

8. Valuables
We are not responsible for personal belongings or valuables that may be lost or damaged in connection with the event.

9. Journey
For safety and order rules on board we refer to www.tallinksilja.se and the well-being rules on board.

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